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Class Six

In English, Class 6 have been using Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz as inspiration for their work. Following their successful letters of application to Miss Moneypenny for the position of a secret agent with MI6, the children have enjoyed inventing their own spy gadgets (complete with instructions) and produced leaflets to persuade the secret agent community to buy them. They have also shown how imaginative they can be by creating a secret agent, a villain, and the villain’s lair, ready to write their own version of a spy story. Their descriptive writing has been very impressive and we can’t wait to read their stories!

In maths, we have just completed our last curriculum unit on properties of shape, so are busy revising all the topics we have covered this year to consolidate our learning, ready for our final assessments and making the transition to secondary school.

Our Design and Technology project this term is also based on Stormbreaker as children have been given the mission to design and make a controllable vehicle suitable for a spy. We are just in the design phase at the moment but are looking forward to combining our technology skills with our scientific knowledge of electrical circuits to build our vehicles.

In art we have been learning about Henri Matisse and how in his later years he was confined to a wheelchair. He didn’t give up on his art however; he changed his technique and created a new style of art using cut outs which he called ‘painting with scissors’. This has linked nicely with our current happiness key of resilience, and the children have had the opportunity to practise this by creating their own artwork based on cut outs

We’ve been lucky with the weather and managed to get outside for PE where we’ve been working on our football skills. We hope you enjoy looking at our action photos!

As you can see, we’ve always got a lot happening in class 6 but this week we’ve had even more to do as we’ve started our cycle training! The team from Bikeability have at last been able to come into school and teach our children how to ride their bikes confidently and safely. The sessions have been on the playground and out on the roads around school. The children have enjoyed learning new skills and, with their excellent manners and behaviour, have been a credit to our whole school community. Congratulations to all the children who have completed their training this week, and good luck to those who will be doing theirs next week.