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Class Two

Class 2 started their new topic, ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, by reading the famous story by Maurice Sendak.  It inspired our writing and artwork and is now on display in our classroom.

We heard about the scientist, Charles Darwin who loved looking for plants and drawing them in his ‘Doodle Books’ so we went off to explore our school field and did a ‘Great Plant Hunt’ of our own.  Inspired by the hundreds of dandelions we found on the field, we talked about the life cycle of plants and how their seeds are spread to make new plants.  We found out about the life cycle of pumpkins and designed our own pumpkin seed packets.  We will be taking pumpkin seeds home in them and following the instructions to see if we can grow pumpkins in time for Halloween!  Class 2 told Mrs Martin that seeds need light, warmth, nutrients from soil and water to grow into healthy plants.  We set up an investigation to see if this is really true but we won’t find out the results until next week.

We have started to read our new class text, ‘The Hodgeheg’ by Dick King-Smith.  We are starting to find out about the main character, Max and have produced fantastic drawings of him.  We’ve been practising our reading skills with our Book Buddies too.

In Maths, we’re busy learning different ways to calculate answers in addition and subtraction.  Here is our new teacher demonstrating an empty number line!