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Class Three

Understanding people in the past is really interesting. Class 3 have really enjoyed finding out about the Romans. Before the Romans arrived in Britain, the land was inhabited by Iron Age people. These people lived in small tribes, travelled little and lived in wooden roundhouses. The Romans would have seemed very strange to Iron Age Britons and their arrival and influence can still be felt today…

As part of the invasion, the Roman army built forts and settlements across much of Britain. They also built a network of roads for long distance travel which connected different areas of the land in a new way. The Romans founded the first towns with large public buildings, temples, bath houses and the beginnings of local government. Wealthy people built rectangular Italian style villas for the first time. The most expensive villas would have included mosaics, wall paintings and even personal bath suites. However, most people outside of these new towns would have still lived as they had in the Iron Age, in basic roundhouses as part of small rural settlements.

In computing, Class 3 have been learning about using a branching database. They have been creating questions and applying them to a tree structure. The pupils were able to use the branching database to answer questions.